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Schemes & Syllabus
Upload Type Program
1 st Semester
BE-1-Sem CE,CSE,EI,ME,PCE-BA(Grading System)
BE-1-Sem EE,EC,IT,BME-AB(Grading System)
Set A
2 nd Semester
BE-2-Sem CE,CSE,EI,ME,PCE-BA(Grading System)
BE-2-Sem EE,EC,IT,BME-AB(Grading System)
3 rd Semester
Bio Medical Engineering(CBCS)
BE-3-Sem Bio Medical Engineering(Grading System)
Bio Medical Engineering(CBCS)
Civil Engineering(CBCS)
Computer Science Engineering(CBCS)
Electronics Communication Engineering(CBCS)
Electrical Engineering(CBCS)
Electronics Instrumentation Engineering(CBCS)
Information Technology Engineering(CBCS)
Mechanical Engineering(CBCS)
BE-3-Sem Bio Medical Engineering(Grading System)
BE-3-Sem-Computer Science Engg.(Grading System)
BE-3-Sem- Electronics Communication Engg.(GS)
BE-3-Sem- Electrical Engg.(Grading System)
BE-3-Sem- Electronics Instrumentation Engg.(GS)
BE-3-Sem- Information Technology Engg.(GS)
BE-3-Sem- Mechanical Engg.(Grading System)
BE-3-Sem- Petro Chemical Engg.(Grading System)
4 th Semester
BE 4 Sem Bio Medical Engg.
Civil Engineering CBCS
Bio Medical Engg.(CBCS)
Mechaical Engineering CBCS
Electrical Engineering CBCS
Electronics Communication CBCS
Electronics Instrumentation Engineering CBCS
Computer Science Engineering CBCS
Petro Chemical Engineering CBCS
Mechanical Engineering CBCS
BE-4-Sem Bio Medical Engineering(Grading System)
BE-4-Sem-Computer Science Engg.(Grading System)
BE-4-Sem- Electronics Communication Engg.(GS)
BE-4-Sem- Electrical Engg.(Grading System)
BE-4-Sem- Electronics Instrumentation Engg.(GS)
BE-4-Sem- Information Technology Engg.(GS)
BE-4-Sem- Mechanical Engg.(Grading System)
BE-4-Sem- Petro Chemical Engg.(Grading System)
5 th Semester
BE-5-Sem Bio Medical Engineering(Grading System)
BE-5-Sem Civil Engineering(Grading System)
BE-5-Sem-Computer Science Engg.(Grading System)
BE-5-Sem- Electronics Communication Engg.(GS)
BE-5-Sem- Electrical Engg.(Grading System)
BE-5-Sem- Electronics Instrumentation Engg.(GS)
BE-5-Sem- Information Technology Engg.(GS)
BE-5-Sem- Mechanical Engg.(Grading System)
BE-5-Sem- Petro Chemical Engg.(Grading System)
BE-5-Sem-Bio Medical Engg.(CBCS)
BE-5-Sem-Electronics Communication Engg.(CBCS)
BE-5-Sem-Electronics and Instrume. Engg.(CBCS)
BE-5-Sem-Petrochemical Engg.(CBCS)
BE-5-Sem-Civil Engg.(CBCS)
6 th Semester
BE-6-Sem Civil Engineering(Grading System)
BE-6-Sem-Computer Science Engg.(Grading System)
BE-6-Sem- Electronics Communication Engg.(GS)
BE-6-Sem- Electrical Engg.(Grading System)
BE-6-Sem- Electronics Instrumentation Engg.(GS)
BE-6-Sem- Information Technology Engg.(GS)
BE-6-Sem- Mechanical Engg.(Grading System)
BE-6-Sem- Petro Chemical Engg.(Grading System)
BE-6-Sem- Bio Medical Engg.(Grading System)
BE-6-Sem-Petrochemical Engg.(CBCS)
BE-6-Sem-Bio Medical Engg.(CBCS)
BE-6-Sem-Civil Engg.(CBCS)
BE-6-Sem-Electronics Communication Engg.(CBCS)
BE-6-Sem-Electronics and Instrumen. Engg.(CBCS)
7 th Semester
BE-7-Sem Bio Medical Engineering(Grading System)
BE-7-Sem Civil Engineering(Grading System)
BE-7-Sem-Computer Science Engg.(Grading System)
BE-7-Sem- Electronics Communication Engg.(GS)
BE-7-Sem- Electrical Engg.(Grading System)
BE-7-Sem- Electronics Instrumentation Engg.(GS)
BE-7-Sem- Information Technology Engg.(GS)
BE-7-Sem- Mechanical Engg.(Grading System)
BE-7-Sem- Petro Chemical Engg.(Grading System)
8 th Semester
BE-8-Sem Bio Medical Engineering(Grading System)
BE-8-Sem Civil Engineering(Grading System)
BE-8-Sem-Computer Science Engg.(Grading System)
BE-8-Sem- Electronics Communication Engg.(GS)
BE-8-Sem- Electrical Engg.(Grading System)
BE-8-Sem- Electronics Instrumentation Engg.(GS)
BE-8-Sem- Information Technology Engg.(GS)
BE-8-Sem- Mechanical Engg.(Grading System)
BE-8-Sem- Petro Chemical Engg.(Grading System)
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