सम्राट अ‍शोक अभियांत्रिकीय संस्थान

Samrat Ashok Technological Institute

  A grant-in-aid Autonomous Engineering College Estd. in 1960
  (Approved from AICTE and affiliated to RGPV & BU, Bhopal)
  NBA Accredited (B.Tech. Civil, Mech., E&I, CSE) and NAAC Accredited
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Student Life


Cultural Clubs  at S.A.T.I. Engg. Vidisha (M.P.)

In today's competitive environment, it is essential for engineering students to engage in extracurricular activities and develop a diverse skill set that complements their technical knowledge. Our institution recommends the following to help students excel:

Extracurricular Activities:
- Start a Science or Engineering Blog: Enhance student's  scientific writing skills and showcase their passion.
- Join Clubs and Organizations: Participate in clubs like Robotics, Programming, or 3D Printing.
- Internships: Gain practical experience and industry insights.
- Volunteering: Apply technical skills to community projects and foster social responsibility.
- Academic Competitions: Join hackathons, design challenges, or coding competitions to boost problem-solving and teamwork.
- Professional Organizations: Network with industry experts and stay updated on emerging trends.

 Skills Development:
- Problem-Solving: Improve student's ability to tackle complex issues and create innovative solutions.
- Creativity and Innovation: Develop a mindset that embraces new ideas.
- Communication: Strengthen student's ability to convey ideas effectively and work with diverse teams.
- Leadership: Build skills in team management and project leadership.
- Attention to Detail: Enhance precision in  work, crucial for engineering tasks.
- Design Thinking: Approach challenges with a user-centric perspective.
- Time Management: Learn to juggle multiple tasks efficiently and meet deadlines.

Engaging in these activities and developing these skills will not only enhance student's resume but also prepare them for job hunting, entrepreneurial ventures, and global projects. Seek opportunities that align with  career aspirations and interests.


Cultural   Club     Team 


Dr. Ravindra Mohan Saxena 

Institute Cultural Coordinator




Dr. Veena Datar 

Institute Cultural Coordinator






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Student Clubs at SATI Engineering Vidisha

Social Service Club         

                                  National Cadet Core

                                  National Service Scheme


Art and Literary Club         

                                  Music Club 

Learning music involves memorizing notes, rhythms, and lyrics, which can strengthen overall memory and cognitive functions, aiding in the retention of academic material. Practicing music requires sustained attention and focus, skills that are transferable to academic study sessions. Playing or listening to music can be a great way to relieve stress and anxiety, leading to a more relaxed and productive study environment.


                                 Dance Club

Dance improves memory, attention, and spatial awareness, aiding in better comprehension and retention of academic material. Engaging in dance stimulates creative thinking, which can enhance problem-solving abilities and innovative approaches in academic projects.


                                Poetry/Sketching/Paintings/Rangoli Club

Engaging in creative activities such as poetry, sketching, painting, and rangoli can have numerous benefits that enhance academic performance and personal development. . By integrating  creative activities into their routines, students can develop a range of skills that contribute to their academic success and overall personal growth.



                               Dramatics Club  

Drama requires clear articulation, effective verbal and non-verbal communication, and active listening, which can enhance classroom participation and presentations. Memorizing scripts and cues boosts memory skills, aiding in the retention and recall of academic material. Performing in front of an audience builds self-confidence and reduces stage fright, which is beneficial for public speaking and class presentations. Rehearsing for plays and managing time effectively between academics and extracurricular activities instils discipline and time management skills


Photography and News Club   

Photography club ,SATI with a catchphrase tagged in- Capturing beyond vision holds an aim to
provide environment for young photographer, cinematographer, editor and content writer. The
club has been actively engaging photography enthusiasts, organizing various events, and
promoting creativity through visual storytelling.

Speakers and Development Club   

The Speakers and Skill Development Club (FIAT) of SATI was established to
explore and enhance the student’s interest in personality development and
linguistic abilities. The club focuses on providing a platform for learning,
practising and refining specific skills that can contribute to personal and
professional growth. Additionally, the club encourages students to plan
activities that will foster their creativity, individuality, and personal growth
while still being enjoyable


Flux (Robotics ) Technical Club 

FLUX is an official club at Samrat Ashok Technological Institute dedicated to enriching student’s
technical knowledge and fostering a tech-friendly environment. Specializing primarily in robotics,
FLUX has successfully organized a range of engaging technical events and activities.


Cyber & Coding Club 

Coding and cyber activities require logical reasoning, helping students develop structured thinking processes that can be applied to academic tasks and decision-making. Learning to code develops computational thinking skills, which involve breaking down problems into smaller, more manageable parts, useful in problem-solving across disciplines

E-cell Club 

Entrepreneurial skills encourage students to identify problems and find innovative solutions, which can be applied to academic assignments and projects. Entrepreneurs often need to think creatively to develop new products or services. This creative mindset can help students approach academic tasks with fresh perspectives and innovative solutions. Entrepreneurship requires self-motivation and initiative. Students who possess these qualities are more likely to take ownership of their studies, set ambitious goals, and pursue academic excellence.






Club Name Club Coordinator





Social Service Club


Prof. K. G. Kirar

Prof. Mukesh Azad

Dr. Shilpi Tomar Prof. Usha Tigga

NCC@SATI Engg. Vidisha (M.P.)

National Cadet Core 


NSS@SATI Engg. Vidisha (M.P.)

National Service Scheme



Art   &     Literary Club




Music Club







Dance Club








 Dramatics Club










Dr. Manorama Saini

Dr. Ravi Jain










Prof Praveen Karkare

Dr. Swati Dubey

Art and Literary Club @ SATI Engg. Vidisha (M.P.)

Prof. Sudheer Sharma

Prof. Bharti Mehra

Dr. Shubha Khatri

Dr. Raje Sengar

Dance Groups @ SATI Engg Vidisha (M.P.)

Dr. Veena Datar

Prof. Nupur Modh

Prof Dipti Jain

Prof. Aditi Dwivedi


Dr. S. S. Goliya

Dr. Rakesh Mehra



Dr. Sweety Jain

Dr. Jitendra Tandekar



Nukkad @ SATI Engg Vidisha (M.P.)

Dramatics Club @ SATI Engg Vidisha (M.P.)

Photography and News Club

Prof. Sachin Jain

Dr. Monika Jain


Dr. C.P.Singh

Prof. Abhishek Jain

Photography and News @ SATI Engg. VIdisha (M.P.)

Speakers and Development Club

Dr. Shilpa Datar

Dr. Suchi Mishra



Prof. Sheena Kumar

Prof. Abhishek Sonkar


Speakers and Development Club @ SATI Engg Vidisha (M.P.)    


Flux (Robotics ) Technical Club

Dr. Ashutosh Datar

Dr. D. K. Shakya



Prof Neeraj Singh

Prof. Neel Joshi

Flux (Robotics ) Technical Club @ SATI Engg. Vidisha ( M.P.)


Cyber & Coding Club

Prof. Sumeet Dhilon

Dr. Vipin Patait



Prof Abhay Upadhyay

Prof Apurva Yadav


Cyber Security and Coding Club @ SATI Engg Vidisha (M.P.)


Dr. Pranita Jain

Dr. Anand G. Chandrawanshi



Prof. Ruchi  Thakur

Prof. Garima Jain


Entrepreneurship cell @ SATI Engg. Vidisha (M.P.)


Entrepreneurship cell @ SATI Engg. Vidisha (M.P.)