सम्राट अ‍शोक अभियांत्रिकीय संस्थान

Samrat Ashok Technological Institute

  A grant-in-aid Autonomous Engineering College Estd. in 1960
  (Approved from AICTE and affiliated to RGPV & BU, Bhopal)
  NBA Accredited (B.Tech. Civil, Mech., E&I, CSE) and NAAC Accredited
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Department of Electronics Engineering


Data Communication Lab
This Lab serves as a general introduction for students seeking to acquire a foundation in current network technologies for local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs) and the Internet. The lab provides an introduction to hardware, software, terminology, components, design and connections of a network. Network concepts such as the OSI model, topologies, major protocols, multiplexing, switching, transmission medium, flow control, error control, medium access methods and network security.
Equipments: Different Types of Transmission Media,Data Communication Trainer LAN Trainer, LAN Topology Trainer,Network Cable Tester Crimping Tool Kit,Sampling PAM, PPM, PWM, and Line Coding Techniques Trainer Kit.
 Advance Communication Lab

This laboratory is intended for performing lab exercises for studying Wireless LAN, Sensor Networks, Wimax, GSM, CDMA,IEEE 802.22, WRAN, Long Term Evolution (LTE) etc. It is equipped with High-end PC installed with latest software required for simulation.
Equipments: Network Simulator (Netsim) Academic - 20 users (perpetual license)

Optical Fiber Lab


This laboratory is intended for performing lab exercises for learning the communication process through optical fibers.

Equipment: Fiber Optic Trainer Kit, Fiber Optic Spectrometer, Optical Power Meter Photo Diode Detector, LED characteristics apparatusCRO, Fiber Optic Trainer Kit.

Antenna and Microwave Lab
This lab will introduce students to the concepts of Antenna and Wave Propagation. He will be able to understand the workings of antenna system and thus will be able to develop his own design. Students will be able to study Microwave Test Benches.
Equipment: Millman Theorem Network Boards, Antenna Trainer including Automatic Motorized rotating unit & Plotting Software compatible with computer through RS-232 interface delink and Antenna Learning Software Module with basic 24 Antenna. Microwave Test Bench(Kryston Based) with VSWR Meter Microwave Test Bench(Gunn Based) with VSWR Meter
 Microprocessor/ Microcontroller/ Embedded Lab

To get knowledge of 8 and 16-bit Processor architecture and 8-bit microcontroller, embedded systems programming in assembly language, memory interfacing, interfacing with Peripherals and its Application, AVR, 8051, PIC, ARM and Arduino.
Equipment: 8085 Trainer Kit, 8086 and 8088 Trainer Kit, ATmega8 Development Kit, DC-Motor Controller Interface Card With Motor and Power Supply, Display Interface Card Stepper Motor Controller Interface Card With Stepper Motor and Power Supply Keyboard Interface Card,Elevator Simulator Interface Card, Traffic Light Controller Interface Card, Temperature Measurement Interface Card With Thermocouple, Relay and Opto Coupler Interface Card, LED Display Matrix Interface Card, Thumb Wheel Switch Interface Card, ADC and DAC Interface Card Printer Interface Card, Study of USART 8251 Timer, Study of 8253 Interrupt Study Card, DMA Controller Study Card, IC Tester Interface Card Development Board For AVR, 8051, PIC, ARM and Arduino - All In One 89V51RD2 Starter Kit, ARM Trainer Kit, Keil IDE micro vision compatible ARM development board, IDE CCS V 6, Wireless Sensor Hub, Wireless communication Board

The objective of this lab is to make student aware of VLSI Technology and its components.
Equipment : Xilinx Designing and Synthesis Software Tool, Modelism Simulation Software, Universal base board for VLSI, CPLD Trainer Kit FPGA Trainer Kit, VLSI Training Unit, Multi-Vendor VLSI probo board suitable for ALTERA
Electronics Devices and Circuits Lab
The purpose of the lab is to give a practical approach on the fundamental principle of electronics. The lab covers a variety of topics including various types of diodes, transistor, amplifiers and their applications.
Equipment: Circuit Boards and Trainer kits for studying characteristics of semiconductor diode, Zener diode and FET, JFET, UJT. Study of IC regulator as positive and negative Voltage Regulator, Transformer coupled class A amplifier Class B push pull amplifier Clipping circuit, Clamping circuit Two stage RC coupled class A amplifier using transistor Direct coupled amplifier, Emitter follower with bootstrap Darlington bootstrap amplifier Kits for Half Wave Rectifier, Kits for Full Wave Rectifier.
Electronics Workshop Lab
The objective of this lab is to enable student for designing basic electronic circuits and prepare mini projects.
Equipment: Analog Multimeters, Digital Multimeters, CRO, Function Generator, Power Supply, All Electronic Components: Resistors, Capacitors, Inductors, Diodes, Transistors, PCB and PCB Fabrication Tools P.C.B. Lab. Equipment with process camera: Ultra Violet exposure Unit, Photo Resist Dip Coating Machine, Etching Machine, High Speed Drilling Machine, Roller Tinning Machine, Vertical Process Camera, Photo contract Printer,  PCB Design and Drafting Aids. PCB Shearing Machine 24” Cutting M.S. Body Construction Treadle Operated for cutting up to 2mm thick Glass expoxy sheet. PCB Assembly Jig (U),Model IS-2 Dip IC Lead Straighter Performer Model Is -14 Hole Punch P.C.B Grinding & Polishing Machine with Motor Hand Drill machine with Drill bits, Model No.HB-128, Sr .No. AO 36985 Small Lathe Machine CMT Comux
Network Analysis Lab

Network Analysis is one of the basic and core labs required for all students of Electronics and Communication Engineering. This lab enables students to understand various types of networks. The student learns how to analyze any given circuit using a number of network theorems. This also enables the student to synthesize or reverse analyze a system given its two-port parameters.
Equipment: Integrating Network Boards, Differentiating Network Boards Constant Current Network Boards, Constant Voltage Network Boards, Superposition Theorem Network Boards, Thevenins Theorem Network Boards, Norton Theorem Network Boards, Maximum Power Transfer Theorem Network Boards, Open and Short Circuit Boards, Millman Circuit Board, Compensation Ckt Board, Reciprocity Board

Signals and Systems, DSP Lab

Signals and Systems, is a core course taken by all EC engineering students that provides exposure to a variety of topics in linear systems. The material in this lab is needed for practical exposure further in DSP, Image processing and data communications, both of which are major areas of specialization within the EC engineering curriculum.
Equipment : MATLAB 2010 R2 (Licensed Version), TMS320C6713 DSP Kit

Simulation Lab
This laboratory is intended for performing laboratory exercises for various UG and PG subjects of Electronics and Communication Engineering. It is equipped with High-end PC installed with the latest software required for simulation.
Equipment: Windows XP and Windows 7 (Campus License MVL) Development and Software Tools C++(Open Source) JAVA (Open Source) Edsim (Open Source) Jgate (Open Source) Arduino Software (Open Source) XCTU for Xbee and Zigbee modules (Open Source) MATLAB 2010 R2 (LICENSED VERSION) Xilinx design and synthesis (ACADEMIC VERSION) Keil Microcontroller Software (LICENSED VERSION) Microsoft Security Essential (Campus License MVL) Netsim (LICENSED VERSION)
Analog Communication Lab


The lab objectives are to enable the students to understand the fundamental concepts of communication systems, different analog modulation schemes and techniques.
Equipment: Amplitude Modulation, Amplitude Demodulation Trainer, Diode Detector Trainer, DSB-SC Amplitude Modulation, Frequency Modulation Trainer, Frequency Demodulation Trainer, Superheterodyne Radio Receiver Trainer

Digital Communication Lab
The aim of this lab is to familiarize the student with concepts of Digital Communication Techniques, thus enabling them to Analyze and Design Digital Communication Systems.
Equipment: Sampling PAM, PPM, PWM and Line Coding Techniques Trainer Kit PCM, DPCM, CVSD Modulator and Demodulator Trainer Kit Delta Modulation Demodulation System Trainer, Amplitude Shift Keying Modulation and Demodulation System Trainer , Frequency Shift Keying Modulation and Demodulation System Trainer, Phase Shift Keying Modulation Demodulation System Trainer, Quadrature Phase Shift Keying Modulation Demodulation System Trainer, BPSK DPSK and DEPSK Modulation Demodulation Trainer, 2 Channel & 4 Channel TDM PCM Trainer Kit Digital Storage Oscilloscope
Control Systemb Lab

Equipment: Linear System Simulator, Potentiometric Error Detector Compensation Design Trainer, Magnetic Amplifier Trainer Stepper Motor Study Trainer with Stepper Motor Dc Position Control Trainer, Ac Position Control Trainer Dc Servo Motor Trainer, P, Pi, Pd, Pid Controller Trainer

SATI is the first of its kind in Central India that has signed an MoU with National Instruments to establish LabVIEW academy with a funding of Rs. 50 lakhs from TEQIP-II & TEQIP-III project of World Bank. LabVIEW software & hardware of National Instruments are powerful industry standard tools for graphical programming applications. It enables the user to design projects in applications such as measurement & instrumentation, control systems, embedded systems, signal processing and communication. It is a versatile tool used by the majority of industries. After completion of training in LabVIEW academy, participants can appear in the online test conducted by National Instruments for CLAD certification which will provide them ample job opportunities in core industries. The Academy will conduct training programs around the year to pass on the benefit to the maximum number of students.
Equipment: LabVIEW SPEEDY 33 Academic DSP(8.6) NI ELVIS II Plus( Workstation + Prototype Board + Adaptor + USB Cable + CD) Emona DATEx Telecommunication Trainer (Headphones + Prototype Board + Leads) 1. NI My RIO 2. NI My Rio Mechatronics kit 3. NI My RIO Starter Accessory Kit 4. USB 6008 Dao Card 5. Induction Motor 6. Acceleratro meter sensor 7. Roximity sensor
Electronics Instrumentation Lab

This lab enable the students to monitor, analyze and control any physical system. This lab will aso provide the understanding of design and working of various instruments.
Equipment : Microsystem, Intreractive and Noninteractive System (VINT) Make: VI Microsystem, Wheat Stone Bridge ME-2207, KLEVIN Bridge (Industrial), Anderson Bridge in Built with Digital Null Detector Schering Bridge for Cap Measurement with Null Detector, Hay’s Bridge, WEN’S Bridge (Frequency & cap. Measurement) in Built with Digital Null Detector, CRO Demonstrator C-20 MHz Dual Channel Model No. ME1209, NYIS Make Maxwell Bridge Trainer, Scientech Make Strain Gauge Trainer with Cantilever Beam

Power Electronics Lab



Controlled converters, single phase and three phase AC controller
Equipment: three phase controller rectifier and AC controller

Analog Electronics and Linear ICs Lab
The objective of the lab is to familiarize students with concepts of feedback used in amplifier and oscillators, understand the basic functionality of op amp and design electronics circuits of practical applications using opamp. Also students will be familiar with parameters of op amp such as offset voltage and current, CMRR, Slew rate. They will also get insight into design and analysis of different active filters.
Equipment : Different types of Feedback Amplifier, IC 741 as inverting amplifier/ non-inverting amplifier/ Subtractor/ Adder/ Instrumentation amplifier/ voltage comparator/ phase shift oscillator/ squre-wave oscillator/ Wein-bridge oscillator/ triangular wave generator/ Schmitt trigger/ Sample & Hold circuit/ Integrator/ Differentiator/ Log amplifier/ V to I converter/ I to V converter IC 555 as Astable Multivibrator/ Monostable Multivibrator Analog System Lab Kit Power Supply, Digital Multimeter, Bread Board, Function Generator, CRO Leads,741 IC,555 Timer, Capacitor, Electrolyte Capacitor Resistance, Hookup Wire, BNC 10 Crocodile Leads, BNC Crocodile