सम्राट अ‍शोक अभियांत्रिकीय संस्थान

Samrat Ashok Technological Institute

  A grant-in-aid Autonomous Engineering College Estd. in 1960
  (Approved from AICTE and affiliated to RGPV & BU, Bhopal)
  NBA Accredited (B.Tech. Civil, Mech., E&I, CSE) and NAAC Accredited
For Admission Enquiry +91-7999810576

Department of Electrical Engineering


Department of Electrical Engineering


 Electrical Machine Lab

The Electrical Machine Lab is a dedicated facility that provides students with hands-on experience and practical knowledge about electrical machines. It is designed to conduct experiments, demonstrations, and research related to various types of electrical machines, including generators, transformers, motors, and their associated control systems. 
Equipment and Setup: The lab is equipped with a range of electrical machines, including DC machines, synchronous machines, induction machines, special machines and transformers. These machines come in different sizes and capacities to cover a wide range of applications. The lab also includes power supplies, control panels, measuring instruments, and data acquisition systems.

Experiments and Demonstrations: The lab offers a variety of experiments and demonstrations that allow students to understand the working principles, characteristics, and performance of electrical machines.



Electrical Drives Lab

The Electrical Drives Lab is a facility dedicated to conducting practical experiments and demonstrations related to electric motor drives and control systems. It provides students with hands-on experience and practical exposure to various aspects of electrical drives, including motor characteristics, speed control methods, and performance analysis.

Equipment and Setup: The lab is equipped with a range of electric motors, such as AC/DC Drives, Speed Control and braking of AC/DC Motor setup, FPGA based SRM drives, DSP-controlled PMSM drive, AC voltage regulators (1-phase and 3-Phase), High power Rectifiers(1-phase and 3-Phase), Single Phase Cycloconverter, Dual Converter, PMSM Motor, SR Motor, DC motors, induction motors, and synchronous motors, along with their associated control systems, and instrumentation for measurement and control.

Experiments and Demonstrations: The lab offers a variety of experiments and demonstrations to explore different concepts and techniques related to electrical drives.


Microprocessor  and Microcontroller Lab

The Microprocessor and Microcontroller Lab is a specialized facility designed to provide students with hands-on experience and practical knowledge in the field of microprocessors and microcontrollers. This lab offers a practical learning environment where students can experiment, design, and implement various applications using microprocessors and microcontrollers. Here's a brief description of the Microprocessor and Microcontroller Lab:

Equipment and Setup: The lab is equipped with microprocessor and microcontroller development boards, evaluation kits, programming tools, and associated peripherals. It includes microprocessors such as Intel 8085, 8086, FPGA and ARM controller, as well as microcontrollers like 8951, STM32 and Arduino. The lab also provides various input/output devices, sensors, actuators, and communication interfaces.

Experiments and Projects: The lab offers a range of experiments and projects that allow students to explore the capabilities of microprocessors and microcontrollers.

Electrical Computer Lab

This lab is specially designed for UG & PG students to provide an environment for learning and a better understanding of the basic concepts and methods of computer programming using MATLAB & Python programming language. 4th generation 30 ACER desktop computer are available In electrical computer lab with windows 8.1 and 10 operating system. MATLAB licence version software are also available,  printing facility  available in comp. lab
Equipment : ACER desktop computer configuration has Processor Core i5 Core i3, 4th generation quad core 6 MB or higher 3.3 Ghz or higher OEM , 8Gb Ram, 1 Tb Hard Disk LAN connectivity organized by D-Link with Ethernet switch MATLAB R2016a license version software for 30 user PSPICE 9.1 license version software for single user printing facility available with HP 1022 laserjet printer LCD Projector- NEC Portable Projector LT380/LT280

 Electronics Lab
Electronics Lab
Equipment :Electronics Trainer(Logic Gate Trainer,  Universal Logic Gate Trainer,  4 Bit Adder & Subtractor,  Flip Flop Trainer using NAND Gates, Synchronous and Asynchronous 4-Bit counter, 16 to 1 line Multiplexer and Demultiplexer, 4 Bit Shift Register, Digital to Analog Converter, ENCODER & DECODER CIRCUITS, Transistor Characteristics (CB, CE, CC in NPN & PNP), Hartley Oscillator, Colpitt Oscillator, Wein Bridge oscillator, Phase Shift Oscillator, UJT  Relaxation Oscillator, Active filters using Operational Amplifier, Operational Amplifier Trainer, DISCRETE COMPONENT TRAINER, IC 555 Timer Trainer).
Network Lab
Network Lab
Equipment: Electric Circuit Analysis trainer( Thevenin’s, Superposition, Constant Current, Constant Voltage, Max. power transfer, Norton’s, Reciprocity, Millman’s, Tellegens’s, Two port network, RLC resonance, RL RC transient curve).
Instrumentation Measurement Lab
AC/DC Current/ Voltage measurement AC bridges, resistance measurement
Equipment: LCR meter Programmable Power Supply, Microprocessor controlled Relays, Conventional Relays, transformer oil testing, Measuring Bridge’s, Transducers.
Control System Lab
Servo Controller, Synchro error detector and AC/DC motor controller
Equipment: Synchro Error Detector, AC- DC servo motor, Process control simulator, Digital control system simulator, Stepper Motor Translator
Power Electronics Lab
Controlled converters, single phase and three phase AC controller
Equipment : three phase controller rectifier and AC controller,FPGA based SRM drives, DSP controlled PMSM drive, AC voltage regulators(1-phase and 3-Phase), High power Rectifiers(1-phase and 3-Phase), Single Phase Cycloconverter, Dual Converter
Power System Lab     
Power System Lab is equipped with different types of protective relays, conventional relays, Microprocessor based relays  for conducting experiments.  Three phase  fault simulator for finding different types of fault in  transmission line is the attraction of this lab. Transformer oil testing kit is  available in the lab to test oil time to time. 
Embedded Design and Simulation Lab   

This lab is associated with the research of PG & UG students and the simulation lab is also conducted for EE students as well as EC, IOT students also utilize this lab for embedded experiments.

Software Availability: MATLAB R2019a license version software for 30 users, Proteus VSM 8.1 software license version software for 25 users, ETAP 20.0.5 software license version for 20 users, PSPICE 9.1 license version software for single user.

Equipment Availability:  30 HP desktop computer ( Processor Intel (R) Core(TM) i7 generation This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., RAM 16.5 GB, 1 Tb Hard Disk, ) Printing facility available with HP 1022 laser jet printer LCD Projector- Epson etc.

SIMULATION LAB (EE 1856) : List of Experiments